My name is Tabrica aka Brica and I’m just a girl who loves all things fashion and beauty. I’m a makeup artist by day and mother by night. Which means I have generally spent a lot of my time catering to the needs of others. I’ve always loved fashion, beauty and home decor my entire life! The thing is after I had my daughter I completely neglected the things I’ve always enjoyed. Clearly I’m not the only parent who has gone through the “neglect myself/ I’ll wear gym clothes as an everyday outfit/ I’ll just wear even bigger clothes to hide my gut” phase. Well guess what? I got through it and you will too!

My goal as a blogger is to show others how to get their mojo back. Throughout this journey I’ll show you how I achieved my fitness goals, which in turn has allowed me to feel more confident in diving back into fashion. I’ll also help you keep up with the lates fashion and beauty tips & trends.

Stick with me throughout this journey cause it’s going to be amazing!

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